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Why choose Roof for Life

Roof for life have stood its ground on a highly competitive market for years. Here is a list of reasons why thousands of customers have chosen to put their trust in us.

Masterful workers

We care about satisfying our customers and to ensure it, we hire expert roofers, people who have both experience and skill to do this job. To further their brilliance, our employees constantly undergo training courses and attend seminars to keep the pace with modern technologies and approaches.

Great expertise

We are not on the market to earn a quick buck and go away. One of the factors that illustrates the point is our contribution to the field and to our customers. We repeatedly participate in expositions and educational forums like RoofTech. It is a great chance to share our expertise in both product manufacturing and metal roofing installation, to cooperate with the competitors to work out a better market for the people while at the same time giving the customers a chance to glance at what we have to offer.

Flexibility of manufacturing & great quality of material

While the roofers’ skills are of enormous importance to the end result of the job, the quality of materials used stays a major factor. That is precisely why we do not only install metal roofing in Chicago but also manufacture it.
It gives us an unrivalled opportunity to control the quality of metal roofs at all stages from designing to the implementation of the design in our manufacture and finally to installation on your building. The efficacy of the latter also increases as our workers know the peculiarities of the products of our own manufacture perfectly and can install them on any kind of roof.
Additionally, the customers save a hefty sum of money on product delivery. If you need a steel roofing in Illinois you will get it fast and cheap since our manufacture is located right there.

50 year warranty

Since we stand behind our product, we have the possibility to ensure its durability and longevity. Many other materials are subjected to rust, harm from the elements, and, given enough time, leakage. They need to be properly maintained, and replaced over time.
This is due to the nature of the material itself as in case with asphalt shingles, or the inefficient design as in some corrugated roofing systems that have to be bolted through the panel and start to leak as the bolts loosen up.
We have accounted for these problems and can give you a roof that will stand half a century. No additional maintenance cost, no re-roofing every 15 years. Order the installation and enjoy its protective benefits for 50 years or more.
To ensure our customers in the quality of our product we issue a 50 year transferable warranty to any residential or industrial solutions installed by Roof for life.

Metal roof as a roofing choice

When life presents you with a necessity to get a new roofing system, knowledge of the materials is a must. Here is the essential information about different types of steel roofing.
Metal roofs are made from a variety of materials (aluminium, copper, zinc, stainless steel), in a variety of forms (corrugated panels, standing seam, shingles) and gauges. Some key characteristics which describe all of those as a class are durability and longevity, lack of need of troublesome maintenance, corrosion resistance and heat reflecting properties. Now let’s get specific.

Corrugated metal roofing

This type of panel is considered low-end and low-cost option. It is simple, can be installed on all types of buildings whether it is a house or an alcove and requires little construction intricacy to withstand the weight of the roofing.
While it provides all the above mentioned benefits, some models may start leaking if the bolts used to install them loosen up, so they need a little maintenance.

Standing seam metal roof

It is hard to install, but it is worth the money. It is designed in such a way that the standing seam that connects the panels secures them and prevents any leakage whatsoever.
Most are designed for a minimum slope of 3:12 or greater but it is possible to manufacture a standing seam system for lower slope to install on an industrial flat roofing.

Other metals

Aluminium is between steel and zinc on the price scale, but offers more longevity than the former. It is ideal for beach houses, as it withstands high percentage of salt in the air.
Zinc and copper are more pricy than the rest of available materials, but may last way over 100 years. Keep in mind that copper will change color to a greenish tint though. Unlike most steel panels none of these options need to be coated.

Metal roof vs Asphalt shingles comparison

What are the benefits of steel roofing as compared to another popular choice asphalt shingles? Here are a few.

Longevity and long-term cost

Metal is durable, and stands for 50 years or more on average; the number doubles when talking about copper or zinc roofing. This means that you save a lot of money on maintenance cost and re-roofing, as a it lives 3-7 times longer than asphalt shingles.
It is a common misconception that metal panels rust over time. While it may be true for some products, the overall majority is now made of stainless steel to ensure no harm by corrosion.

Energy efficacy

Steel roofs are known as “cool” since they have heat reflective properties. Zinc and copper are worse at this than metal and aluminium, but they provide the cool effect too, while asphalt shingles tend to get extremely hot.
According to a report by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory the heat reflection means that homeowners will save up to 40% on cooling in summer and 10-15% on heating in winter, given that proper installation methods are used.

Metal is green

No, it’s not only about copper, though it does become green over time. All metal roofs are fully recyclable which means they do not pose a threat to environment.

Aesthetic value

Asphalt shingles are quite low-end in the case of beauty, as they do not provide as much options in texture and color. Metal roofing offers a range of options in this domain. It can be painted or coated in any color or color scheme you like with utmost accuracy. It can be shaped so that it resembles anything from spanish clay tiles to wood shakes. One can even find stone coated shingles that mimic the structure of the mentioned material quite well.
After all, there are people who would prefer the stylish metallic glow, especially so when they hear about the increase in heat protection it implies.

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