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At Roof for life we manufacture the materials on our own. It gives us the ability to control the quality of the product we provide and work with flexibility if there is a need for it. Another perk of this peculiarity is that we acquaint our roofers with the materials perfectly, giving them the possibility to master our product’s application and excel at installation services.

To satisfy our customers we pay a great deal of attention to the quality of the personnel we hire. Our HR picks the best of the best and the training program makes them even better. Our employees required to attend a series of seminars and courses on modern technologies and safety requirements to stay up to date.

But not only do we educate our workers, we bring the knowledge to the wide public. Roof for life constantly takes part in exhibitions where we talk to our prospective customers and general public, giving them useful insights as to what roofing industry has to offer.

Most importantly, Roof for life works with the best roofing solution that brings together great quality and great price: metal. We care for the middle class men and women who want to secure their homes and we do everything in our powers to offer them the best option on the market for the best price.

Metal roofing benefits

Metal is deemed the best option in terms of combination of price and quality by many experts.

Metal is a great material for roofing. Its durability allows it to serve as a potent protection from hail, storm winds and thick layer of snow. Since our product is made from stainless steel with protective coating it does not rust thus sparing you the expenses associated with re-roofing.

Metal is fire resistant and can save your house in that extreme case.

Oddly enough, metal roofing is reasonably aesthetic. Unlike asphalt shingles, metal can mimic most other materials quite well since it can be coated in lots of artistic ways. That gives you the beauty of stone or clay tiles but saves you a lot of money on installation and maintenance of those chic yet pricy options.

Most importantly though metal is very cost-efficient. While it does cost more than your average asphalt shingle, it saves you three times the cost of re-roofing that you are going to do during 50 years as metal roof lives 3 to 7 times longer than roofing tiles. Roof for live issues a 50 year warranty to prove that.

Then there is the unseen cost. Insurance companies charge metal roof house owners less because it is less likely to burn down in a fire. Metal is almost maintenance-free as standing seam systems have no small elements that could be taken out by hail or hard weather.

Metal reflects sun rays, especially painted white or light color, which means that your house stays cooler in summers. Indeed it can save you up to 40% on cooling bill and up to 20% on heating bill as it keep the warmth in as well.



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