Aluminum roofing

Aluminum roof – a roof with an inert metal that serves decades and has unique, not like the others, look. It is successfully used in cottage construction, construction of residential areas and in the construction of industrial facilities. Aluminum is used as a metal and seam roof. As aluminum is extremely ductile metal, it is used for coating the roofs of most complex architectural forms and relief surfaces. This gives a wide scope for design solutions and fantasies.

The main advantage of an aluminum roof is its longevity. It is resistant to almost all effects, long retains its original appearance and does not fade. A lifetime of aluminum roofs is estimated about 100 years or more. And the ease of design allows you to make montage without any difficulties.

To fix aluminum sheets fastenings are used for finishing boards, which in future effectively compensate possible deformation of the roof when the temperature drops at different times of the year. The obvious advantage of using such fasteners lies in the fact that they can achieve a complete seal roof, unlike, for example, corrugated surfaces that the installation must pierce through special screws.

The aluminum roof can also be done with a minimum number of seams, as this material is presented in the form of rolls, not sheets, and experts are to determine the size of the panel. This does not only improve the aesthetic appearance of the roof but also reduces the risk of damage and leakage.

As a result, a roof will serve you no less than, for example, copper or titanium-zinc, but aluminum roofing costs at times cheaper.

The natural lightness of the material makes aluminum roof versatile material used in the restoration of old buildings with a weak foundation. If someone does not like the natural look of aluminum but is interested in longevity, the sheets of material can be covered with polymer coatings. This procedure allows the material to acquire new physical and chemical properties and aesthetic characteristics. Therefore, the use of aluminum coatings can simulate completely different materials – copper, natural tile or even wood. But without different coatings aluminum is resistant to chemical attack. It is the interaction of the atmosphere is covered with a solid and durable protective layer that protects the metal from oxidation. It is also interesting that using anodized aluminum roof can take a variety of colors and no additional coating.


Of course, everyone knows about the unique characteristics of copper, but its painting – it is at least “bad form.” But aluminum roofing is covered with the complex polymer (PVdF) without any problems and also has a great variety of colors, including coatings that mimic the “silver metallic” old copper and bronze light. This option significantly expands design solutions.

Also, copper sheet manufactured drainage system. They can be the same color as the roof and the color of the facade or no contrast.

Speaking about the lifespan of roofing products of aluminum, it is 100 – 150 years, and the warranty on color fastness 40 years. Aluminum roofing is highly resistant to sunlight, dirt and acid rain.

Roof aluminum as well as copper is concluded in a manner that has been proven for centuries, namely folding. Transported to the place of work is easy, that comes in rolls. Also, a significant advantage for installers is that it almost does not slip.

Advantages of aluminum roofs:

1) Plasticity stored at low temperatures, allowing you to mount the cover in the cold season;

2) Durability;

3) The wide variety of colors and imitations;

4) Application on roofs with a slope of 5 °;

5) Weight 2.2 kg / m, which is very low compared to other materials;

6) Relatively simple installation and no costly maintenance;

7) Layer painting of the highest quality;

8) Applicability on the roofs of varying complexity: direct roof with a large area, radius roofs, domes, and others;

9) High resistance to temperature, heat, UV radiation, moisture;

10) Strength;

11) The lack of corrosion;

12) Service life – more than 100 years;

13) Possible secondary processing.

  • In addition to the benefits in the aluminum roof is still some drawbacks:

1) The fairly high price.

2) High rates of thermal expansion coefficient that should be considered when assembling works and use fasteners designed to prevent deformation;

3) The high thermal conductivity, which requires the use of special insulating coatings;

4) Low insulation;

The complexity of installation. Perform work has informed installer-roofer who will fulfill all the requirements to roof served for all her allotted time. For example, there is a caveat that aluminum must have good ventilation because the lack of oxygen can lead to some corrosion. And also not preferred contact material with wet wood.

These shortcomings are not significant with the right behaviors and the material can be minimized. The aluminum roof is chosen by the men who pursue multiple goals and want to achieve high standards.



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