Flat roofing

Roofing in Toronto and Chicago is very popular and practical.

The flat roof is more economical option of arrangement roof than Inclined roof. At equal area of ​​the first building area less than the area of ​​the second – and this means that the material will be needed in small amount. “Reduced” flat roofing is in condition of low extremity “, therefore, we can talk about reducing complexity of installation work.

Simplified is further maintenance surface – cleaning gutters, reviews chimney and ventilation ducts. Specialist who works with your construction, will not need to have skill of climber. It’s nice also that the houses with the flat roofs allow you to mount equipment climatic (eg, external air conditioning units) without blocking the facade.

But there are moments in which the flat roof is playing a ramp. For example, it is the most “suffering” because of snow loads.

Flat roofs – the cheapest and most affordable option in the construction of the roof. Widely used in the regeneration of both residential homes and industrial buildings. Depending on the purpose can be exploited or not exploited surface. Flat roof slope (required for removal of precipitation),is usually not more than three degrees.

Types and Features of flat roofs

The flat roof is exploited or unexploited, traditional or highlighted.

Operated cover

Must necessarily have a hard base (maintaining the integrity of the waterproofing) – it can be profiled or concrete screed. If the heater was purchased hard enough and nothing can be done, it will form the floor additional layer of screed.

Nowadays it is very popular to pay attention on flat roofing, especially in big cities such as Toronto or Chicago as additional space for parking or outdoor cafe, in current rhythm of life. Flat exploited roof (terraced type) is a standard design, consisting of:

1) reinforced concrete slabs;

2) waterproofing layer;

3) finishing coating.

Not exploited design

Not demanding bases rigidity and insulation. Equiping it is much easier than exploited. But it affects the life of the surface – is significantly reduced.

Traditional roof

Its design includes a vapor barrier layer, placed directly on the base. Insulation film designed to protect the insulation from moisture “from below” (diffuse).  Heater may be foam or mineral wool.

Breathable roof

Most roofing lose their properties due to excess moisture layer of insulation. This is manifested in the formation of cracks, gaps and swelling. The most intensely destructive process occurs in the summer when the heater begins to rapidly evaporate moisture. As a result – detachment from the base of the roof.

To avoid this phenomenon by using breathable roof that provides a quality drainage water vapor. For its installation is not required to conduct complete dismantling old cover – old roofing fused quietly carpet can act as an additional waterproofing layer.

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