Metal roofing

Deciding to built your own house you imagine it and dream about the perfect building in harmony with the surrounding landscape, illuminated by the rays of the setting sun on the roof and it is fabulous. Roof, that for many years will serve as protection against the vagaries of weather.

The eternal question is what is better: tile or metal roof? Comparative analysis of the characteristics of many types of coatings showed that to date the best defense against any kind of leaks, weather disasters, and external influences are the only metal roof, which for many years used in cottage construction and erection of high-rise residential and industrial facilities with different roof forms. Besides metal roof cost is not so high as other popular materials.

Metal roofs today are quite widely used as coating for low-rise buildings and cottages for the new multi-storey construction of residential and public buildings and for industrial buildings, including the complex shape of roofs. Much of the historic buildings in major cities are coated with galvanized steel sheets, in need of repair, hence the strong demand for this type of roofing.

In the literature is common classification, in which metal roofing belongs to sheet (or synthetic) materials. Today it is not entirely correct since the new modern technology is developed and used.

We can distinguish the following main types of metal roofs:

  • flat (or with a few ribs) cover sheet or rolled steel, made by seam technology;
  • coverage of the profiled sheet and its variations, simulating tiles (metal);
  • in a special group dedicated roof-ferrous metals.
  • To select the type of metal roofing is necessary, first of all, to have information about metals used for the manufacture of the latter, and the advanced polymer coating applied to these metals.
  • Main advantages: long life, corrosion resistance, ease of installation, a large range of colors. High mechanical strength with a relatively small mass (weight per square meter coating is from 3.5 to 7.5 kg) can hold the lighter supporting structures (rafters and lathing) and smooth surface provides good draining of the water.

Sheet metal roof is easy to montage, practical and good-looking, but it needs metal roof  screws to join the sheets. If you want to have perfect metal roof you should ask professional workers to do it right and enjoy your house for years.

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