Roofing shingles

The advantage of natural material for roofing shingle confirmed long history of its use. For the device roofing, widespread use is made of oak, pine, beech, larch, Canadian cedar.

Different people call a roofing material made of wood in different ways: Shandell, shingles, shingles, Sinhala’s. In this article, we will talk about what characteristics and features of the roof shingles.

Types of shingles:

Roofing shingles are made of the best quality coniferous wood: oak, Siberian larch, Canadian cedar. This material mainly made by hand, in the form of plates of wood.

Shingles can be of several types:

1) cobbles;

2) sawn;

3) mosaic.

To a certain material color shade, it is impregnated by special means, thus prolonging operation.

This material is an excellent alternative to the modern roofing, especially the roofs of the facilities that tend to:

1) the impact of severe climate;

2) extremely low-temperature conditions;

3) with significant precipitation in the form of snow.

Attention. The wood for shingles should be no damage, rot and knots.

Modern methods of production shingles can more often in construction prefer option –  roof +shingles. This material has been used successfully on roofs with curved shapes and complex configuration.

Depending on the purpose of the object is placed in 3-5 shingle layers. The multi-layer coating creates a complex roofs tight and waterproof roofing cover.

Technology laying:

Shingle roofing differ from other coatings not only by properties but also stacking technology, which is caused by the nature of the material. Shingle placed on the roof is just as flakes arranged in spruce cones.

The action of rainfall and high humidity wooden plate slightly swell and increase in size. This material is confined to the roof.

The roof looks like a cone. In the process of drying the plate, bending, raise the canopy, with ensured remove moisture from the roof of the house.

This natural coating during a sunny day is showing its unique properties. If you compare materials such as metal, tiles, the wood surface of shingled roofs do not transmit heat. This causes the coolness in the house in the hot season.

The outer surface of the coating is characterized by a relief structure.

This fact protects the shingle roofs  of noise resulting from:

1) hail;

2) rain;

3) gusty winds.

The advantage of natural cover:

Wooden plates are able to breathe because the roof is ventilated naturally. If a roof scheme shingle-roof – optional ventilated gap, it is covering and supporting structures will last much longer.

Basically, shingles as roofing, has the following advantages:

1) ensure the long-term integrity of the roof;

2) cover completely in harmony with the environment;

3) ease of material (per 1 sq.m. load of 14 to 18 kg);

4) Without doubt, this environmentally friendly coating;

5) during the assembly work there is almost zero waste production;

6) the coating does not accumulate static electricity;

7) in wooden plates have no condensation;

8) resistance to sudden temperature changes, precipitation and wind loads;

9) the use in different climatic conditions at temperatures from +40 to-70 degrees.

These advantages allow the shingles roof to create a home with this material durable and comfortable accommodation.

Advantages of coniferous wood lie in the fact that they are composed of resins that are natural antiseptics that protect the wood from rotting and insects.

In modern construction shingles roofing material is considered elite and costs money.  But roof shingles prices are reasonable due to the qualities of natural material. There are artificial materials that imitate natural shingles, shingles, plastic and more.

What attracts roof shingling?

The main advantages of this type of roof the following:

First of all, shingle is a hundred percent clean surface.

The tree has low thermal conductivity, so the house under the roof shingle does not require additional insulation.

Ventilation roof space is done naturally through the gaps between the rows of shingles, so condensation does not form.

The roofing shingle spent almost perfectly without garbage. The wooden roof can withstand 40- degree heat and the strongest cold to -70 degrees.

Properly signed shingles can withstand a large layer of snow on the roof and strong winds.

Wood roofing perfectly protects the house from the noise of the rain, hail. Roof shingles are popular in Toronto and Chicago. Our company will do our best to make your life comfortable and pleasant and roofing shingles price will surprise you.



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