Steel roofing

Roofing – is one of the elements of the roof, its finish coating that protects the building and construction of all kinds of external influences, the function of water drainage. Steel roof sheeting is a type of coverage, and now focus in more detail on this issue.

This material is often used and is in great demand, largely due to its low cost, ease of installation and durability.

Steel with a top layer of zinc protects from great influence of different weather conditions. That is why a roof warranty service is up to 100 years.

  • Sheet steel – advantages and disadvantages:

1) light weight, which enables the use of lightweight construction roof;

2) easy to make complex form of sheet steel;

3) perfectly smooth surface, which provides an efficient flow of water;

4) the possibility of the device relatively small slope;

5) excellent fire resistance steel;

6) ease of installation of products from steel;

  • Sheet steel has drawbacks:

1) not very high strength of sheet steel products;

2)the possibility of damaging the sheets during expluatation service.

3)This refers to the cleaning of snow, maintenance;

4) the need for continuous color in order to protect flat steel from rust.

  • Processing of sheet steel roofing

Galvanized sheet steel roof cannot be painted for five years, but then it needs painting every three or four years.

Steel sheet in black is rarely used in roofing, painting is necessary every two or three years. Roofing sheets made of black steel should be pre-processed. For this eliminates factory grease, rust removed and the two sides put several layers of varnish, and each layer is dried. Drying oil slightly diluted ocher or minimum.

Sheet steel is commonly used in the coating of complex  steel roofs as well as for arranging and cornice overhangs, protective aprons, sill’s drains and drain pipes.

For the manufacture of roofing sheets is used soft annealed steel.

Standard sheets have a thickness of 0, 45-1 mm and a length of 1420 mm.

One sheet has a mass of 3 to 8 kg.

If galvanized sheet, it should have a zinc coating on both sides.

The pleasant part of using steel in roofing is a low steel roof cost.



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