Zinc roofing

The material used for this type of roof – is a complex fusion of several metals. The main of them – zinc, it is over 90%, are also used: titanium, copper, and aluminum. It defines the main structure such as a roof: strength, flexibility, relatively low cost.

The zinc roofing requires no care, they are easily repaired and serve for a long time. In dry urban climates, material can be served up to 100 years, in the wet – about 70.

As a building material, zinc roof does not contain harmful substances and is completely safe for human health. In addition, this metal is much cheaper than copper, making it more economical.

The alloy of titanium and zinc has another unique ability that distinguishes it from other building materials. On the surface of the titanium-zinc roofing is independently formed protective oxide film – patina. Its appearance begins immediately after the first interaction of the material with the environment. Formation of patina lasts about 4 – 5 years. As a result, titanium-zinc roofing metal loses shine and becomes of gray color. In several European countries, the technology of artificial patina (aging) zinc-titanium alloy is successfully used. Natural shades of zinc roof sheeting range from almost white to dark gray. When using an artificial patina roof with titanium-zinc alloy can be of any other color until the black.

The only drawback of the titanium-zinc alloy is losing its plasticity at ambient temperatures below + 5 ° C. Therefore, assembling zinc roofing sheets should be at or below 5 ° C. However, after the installation of the roof with the titanium-zinc, no differences in temperatures on the roof are not affected. Mounted titanium-zinc roofs perfectly preserve tightness and corrosion and they do not require special care.

The advantages of zinc roof :

  1. Reliability and durability – these are the qualities we expect from the roof. Only material, titanium-zinc, is very strong and is not prone to corrosion processes, resistant to environmental and it wears out slowly. Well, the technology of montage of the roof allows more effectively opening its rich potential. As a result, you get a very durable and long roof (with proper installation – for life) and forget about maintenance.
  2. A small weight. It is also very important in construction. First, a light material is easy to operate, which means that construction work requires less effort. Second, low weight makes installation of the roof with titanium-zinc very quiet, which is important if the work is necessary for densely populated areas. However, due to easy installation and also other qualities of the material, not just its low weight matters, but much depends on the professionalism of the staff.
  3. Tightness. The leaky roof does not need anyone, and double seam stitch once and for all solves the problem. You can be sure that rain never finds the way to your roof, of course, if to do everything correctly.
  4. Presentable appearance – another quality, which boldly boasts zinc roof sheets seam. Especially beautiful it looks when in the process of interaction with the environment the entire roof is covered with a protective layer – beautiful patina. Titan zinc sheet roofing is certainly inferior in beauty to more expensive copper but patina can make your home a subject that makes passers-by respectfully ticking their tongues, especially zinc roofing panels.

In general, the formation of patina is not the fastest process, it may take many months. But today there is the technology of artificial applying of a protective layer on the titanium-zinc roof. Of course, it will cost more expensive than usual, but they applied patina form, dense, beautifulness, general – quality.

Disadvantages of titanium-zinc roo:

As a general disadvantage of the zinc roof panels is, as widely believed, the noise of the rain and hail. This is true if you do not lay under the roof insulation and prevent serious mistakes during installation (inequality lying on the crate can create the effect of the drum).

Another feature of the zinc roof, which can be attributed to the shortcomings, is the need of careful conditions of transportation and storage. While zinc-titanium sheets face (or rolls are stacked one on the other) cannot prevent them from getting wet – in places adjoining white film can be formed, which spoils the appearance.

Of course, do not perform installation zinc roof by yourself or trust this to untested installers.




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