Commercial Roofing

Roof for life has the expertise to perform any industrial and commercial roofing at your request. We hire the best workers and use the best materials of our own manufacture.

Our company holds all stages of your roofing process to great standards of quality. Starting from manufacturing and using the best type of metal and coating materials, to choosing a design fit just for you and installation thought through by our designers and implemented by professional roofers – we have it covered.

For business owners a metal roof is a great choice. Whether you intend to keep the building you are currently in for long term or to sell it, metal roof will give you the benefits you need.

For sellers it means more value added to the building, and more profit gained from the deal. For keepers it means unrivalled durability and operation cost as well as an array of other perks.

Standing seam metal panels are great for flat roofs and offers protection from leakage at cost-efficient level no other material can stand competition with.

Metal roofing protects the roof from hail, snow and storm winds, while protective coating prevents intrusion of moss mildew and fungi. This means no re-roofing will be necessary in at least five decades since the installation.

Due to fire resistant properties metal protects your materials, employees and clients shall that extreme case happen and reduces damage done to the building. It is due to this reason that most insurance companies charge such buildings much less than those with other roofing systems.

Metal roof, unlike many other solutions offers the “cool” effect – it reflects sun rays slowing down your building from heating up. The same is true for heat loss, only to a lesser degree. This means that you will spend less, in fact 40% less, on conditioning your building and same for heating.

The maintenance cost is minimal. Due to the protective design, standing seam roof requires little to no attention to stay in good shape. While many other materials may be damaged during extreme temperatures seasons and need a substantial amount of work power to ensure their safety, metal roof only need to be checked once in awhile. Don’t forget to ask your manager how to properly maintain your roof though.

Properly maintained, metal roofing will serve you a good half a century. The durability of the material itself and its resistance to corrosion make it possible to withstand 50 years and more. This means it serves 3 to 7 times longer than the most popular alternative. Consequently, the owners of metal roof save a lot of money on re-roofing.

We stay true to word by offering you a 50 year warranty on any metal roofing system installed by Roof for life. Choose the life long quality and you will share the satisfaction of thousands of customers who did the right choice!



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