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Your house is your castle. And what is a castle worth if its roof leaks and rusts, leaving its inhabitants for the mercy of weather? With this question in mind we have developed a comprehensive and professional system of roofing services to secure your castle’s weak spot and transform it into its pride.

The concern with your family’s safety is what drives us. That is why we do not economise on roofers and hire only the best. But best is not enough, we require our workers to undergo series of trainings and seminars so that they grow professionally and stay in touch with modern technologies and safety protocols in roofing.

Our employees are well known with the materials they use as it is we who manufacture them. We have taken that mission too, to ensure the best quality for our clients.

Now that we have done that it is in our legal right to say that we provide outstanding quality material for the best price. To prove that we issue a 50 year warranty on any roofing system installed by Roof for life.

Metal roof is durable enough to withstand hail, storm winds and thick layer of snow. The snow slides off the roof easily. Due to a special coating your metal roof will be protected from the growth of moss, mildew and fungi. It is fire protective and insurance companies charge a lot less if you have a metal roof. All this combined with the fact that stainless steel does not rust means you roof will stand for 50 years and more safely.

In comparison with another popular roofing material, asphalt shingles, metal lives 3 to 7 times longer, which means that buying metal roofing you save a substantial amount of money on re-roofings as you will not need one in at least 50 and possibly a lot more years.

Unlike roofing shingles, metal is a very low-maintenance material which saves you time and effort on properly taking care of your roof. Standing seam panels are designed to ensure that no leakage is possible have no small details that can be torn out by storm or hail. This means they won’t break easily and you won’t have to check and mend them every now and then.

Aesthetically, metal roofing is more pleasing as while asphalt shingles always remain asphalt shingles by look, metal may take many forms. It can be formed to resemble wood shake, clay tile and given a stone coating to mimic said material.

Our designing team will help you choose the best option for your house and advise you on what other improvements can be made.

Another perk of metal roof that few notice is the unseen cost. Save for low-maintenance and lack of need for re-roofing, metal shows another economising virtue. Because it reflects sun rays so well, it keeps the house cool, allowing you to save up to 40% on cooling and conditioning your home in summer and up to 20% on heating in winter.

Ask a consultant what the cost is for your house!



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